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Dir: Weronika Lewandowska
Screening 1: 30 Mar, 14:00
Screening 2: 31 Mar, 14:00
Screening 3: 01 Apr, 14:00
Screening 4: 02 Apr, 14:00
BFI Southbank
Year of Production: 2022
Country: Poland


This year, for the first time, Kinoteka presents a new section of the programme – the XRossspace Showcase – dedicated to the most innovative immersive XR works from Poland.

Explore Polish XR inspired by sci-fi literature, non-binary games, cyber performance and the street art of metaspaces. The showcase invites the audience to walk to “the other side of the screen” and awaken their imagination in the stunning experiences of interactive and cinematic narratives.

In XRossspace, virtuality and physicality are not in opposition, but they interpenetrate one another. This hybrid showcase will include works that reveal the intriguing correlations of Polish VR with literature (Stanisław Lem), games, urban and performance art, as well as new works selected in open calls for the best AR filter and VR experience.

The showcase will be comprised of five elements: Body Open Source by Eternal Engine, Cosmogonic by dir. Paweł Szarzyński (Kinhouse Studio), BestiARium by Photon Foundation, XRossspace Awards and the metaspace Hub with an online programme

Curator: Weronika M Lewandowska

(XRossspace Showcase)

Body Open Source

Eternal Engine, PL, 2018-2022, VR Multiplayer,

10-15 Mins.

Courtesy of the Import Export Gallery, Warsaw

A gaming experience that challenges the convention of binary gender classification offered by mainstream gaming. It immerses in ephemeral meetings, dissolving boundaries of meanings and stimulating the embodiment in interactions with virtual bodies and objects.


dir. Paweł Szarzyński (Kinhouse Studio), PL, 2021

English/Polish, 6DOF Animation, 8 Mins.

The story of an oppressed society and its path to liberation inspired by the sci-fi literature of Stanislaw Lem. A dazzling VR space bursting with infinite stars and intriguing space phenomena. Here matter constantly self-destructs and regenerates itself.


PL, 2022, AR Posters

The three-dimensional, virtual and animated creatures – dragons – beasts come to life in physical space thanks to AR technology. The project was created on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Cracow sculpture of the Wawel Dragon.

The winners of Open Calls for new Polish XR works

The XRossspace Awards will surprise everyone! This selection will present new social AR filters, stunning ethically built virtual worlds, and an unconventional approach to creative technologies developed by Polish makers, artists and new talents.

XRossspace AR Award – the best filter

XRossspace VR Award – the best virtual experience

XRossspace XR Hub – the online XR metaspace for social interactions and art experience

The winners will be announced in March, 15 Mins.

XRossspace Hub Preview

Online Hub

XRossspace Hub is an online XR metaspace for social interactions and art experience. The BFI’s public will have access to visit, walk through and explore the online gallery via VR headsets. It will be found on

BFI Southbank

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